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Assisting customers with repairs and ordering of critical replacement parts, as well as trouble shooting, refurbishment and upgrading existing technologies for a wide range of applications including:

Particle Filtration

Pressure Leaf Filtration

  • Auto-Jet® horizontal pressure leaf filter with vertical leaves on a center filtrate shaft. The shaft rotates during cleaning to more effectively clean the leaves using spray jets or stationary scraper blades in the dry cake discharge model. The unit offers higher flux rates, better cleaning and easier cleaning than conventional fixed leaf filters.
  • Filtra-Matic® a versatile, pressure leaf filter for tough filtration jobs involving large volumes of liquid. It is especially useful where a dry cake discharge is desired. Designed for operating efficiency and easy maintenance, this filter is offered in two basic models: the Filtra-Matic® RT with its unique retracting tank, and the Filtra-Matic® RB featuring a retracting bundle design. Filter leaves for both models are of heavy-duty construction and provide maximum strength as well as flexibility needed to prevent deformation.

Candle Filters

  • Auto-Shok® is a classical tubular filter ideal where a high flow rate per unit of filter area is required. Tubes are mounted vertically, attaching a tube sheet at the top of the tank. Cleaned through a backwash cycle, Auto-Shok® is simple, requires fewer valves than other types of filters, and is easily automated to fit the process requirements.
  • Auto-Pulse is designed to accomplish submicron filtration without the use of precoats or filter aids, making it possible for product to be recovered from waste streams and returned to the process stream without contamination. These tubular filters can be provided with a variety of membranes to cover the tubes, depending on your application. Back-pulse “bump and run” operation ensures efficient filtration, effective cake removal and consistent effluent quality.

Media Filter

  • HRD High Rate Downflow multimedia filtration produces an extremely high quality effluent thanks to unmatched performance. With one of the longest operating cycles, HRD™ provides greater economy and efficiency in challenging applications to remove solids larger than 5 microns. The innovative HRD™ distribution system controls velocity and hydraulic balance, protecting the media during high flow rates of up to 7 gallons per minute per square foot of filter area.
  • PowerClean filters are among some of the most advanced nutshell filtration technologies available in the market. With superior design and long filtration runs, PowerClean filters are proven in removing 98% of all suspended solids and insoluble hydrocarbon particles above five microns. PowerClean is a simple, automatic system designed to eliminate filter plugging problems without the use of air or gas for particulate removal thanks to a quick media cleaning cycle that generates minimal volumes of backwash wastewater for disposal. Through a rapid fluidization process featuring a powerful shearing action, the contaminants are stripped from the media particles and the filter is quickly returned to service.
  • L’eau Claire is an upflow media filter offering high bed loading for solids removal and fine removal of solids and colloidal silica. Used extensively on river water for pretreatment for cooling water or boiler makeup water. Can remove 3 times the solids of conventional downflow media filters. Operates at 6 GPM/ft2 for most applications. Used as a standard in the brine industry.

Oil / Water Separation

  • AutoFlot® is a horizontal induced gas flotation system designed to effectively remove free and emulsified oil and suspended solids from water. Available in both mechanical and hydraulic designs, each unit consists of a horizontal cylindrical vessel divided into four in-line flotation cells. Each chamber successively removes the oily froth, resulting in greater than 95% oil removal.
  • Corrugated Plate Separator (CPI) used for oil/water separation in a large range of applications. The plate pack is customizable in regard to inclination, plate spacing and material. Typical removal rates for CPI technology range from 50 to >90% of oil and 80 to 90% of total suspended solids (TSS).
  • Streamliner™ deoiling hydrocyclones are designed with an axial flow stator to achieve high efficiency, easy maintenance and reduced cost. Ideal for free oil removal, the geometry of the flow through these hydrocyclones gives “best in class” performance.
  • Dissolved Air Floatation (DAF) technology uses microbubbles to lift suspended solids and oil to the top surface while allowing heavy solids to settle for removal. The froth that is formed is scraped into a holding tank. The addition of coagulation and flocculation chemicals may be required to enhance the performance. Removal efficiency is superior to gravity-based systems.


  • Co-Strip Bulk Gas Removal Technology is ideal for degasification of water streams with high oil and suspended solids loadings. Unlike conventional packed towers, Co-Strip effectively removes dissolved gases such as BTEX, CO2, and H2S from water without the need for filtration upstream of the degasification operation, saving off-gas treatment costs.
  • Vacuum Degasifier Deoxygenation Technology uses a vertical pressure vessel, multiple vacuum stages and vacuum pumps to continuously remove objectionable gases from liquids.

Packed towers, supported by powerful vacuum pumps, reduce the surrounding vapor partial pressure which promotes the mass transfer from the liquid to the gas phase. We can provide stand-alone degassers with capacities ranging from 100 to 10,000 gpm for a single unit, or complete systems that can include vacuum towers, liquid ring vacuum pumps, ejectors, mass transfer packing, chemical oxygen scavenger dosing skids and transfer pumps.

Ion Exchange / Adsorption

  • Industrial Ion Exchange (IX) water softeners are engineered and fabricated specifically for demanding high Total Dissolved Solids (TDS)
    • Strong Acid Cation (SAC) exchangers produce softened, zero hardness water with a Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) concentration up to 7,000 ppm. As the water passes through the bed of SAC exchange resin all bivalent ions associated with hardness are swapped for sodium ions. Upon regeneration, the saturated resin is brought into contact with sodium ions (in the form of brine) to force the reaction back into chemical equilibrium again.
    • Weak Acid Cation (WAC) exchangers are the best in the industry as they are capable of producing softened water with low hardness levels of 0.2 PPM from water with a Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) concentration of up to 18,000 PPM. High TDS levels make more difficult the achievement of low leakage due to the chemical competition between sodium and hardness.
    • Brine Softeners design uses select chelating Ion Exchange resin capable of removing hardness to 10 PPB on concentrated brine to produce high quality brine that can be used in a membrane cell electrolyzer for the production of chlorine and caustic. The design and materials of construction are critical, especially the choice of elastomers, which need to be resistant to any hardness leaching during operation. Regeneration is performed using HCl and NaOH with a lower strainer plate and a dedicated regeneration distributor. This service is very demanding and requires the most efficient design to obtain this quality.
    • Regeneration Stations can be provided including brine makers, Sulfuric Acid (H2SO4), Hydrochloric Acid (HCl) and Sodium Hydroxide (NaOH) storage tanks and dosing pumps, and neutralization systems for ion exchange regeneration waste. We offer monitoring equipment to allow for recycling of waste water to reduce the volume of concentrated waste. These systems can also be automated using the PLC controls supplied with the ion exchange trains.
    • Pre-filtration with multi-media filters is a basic requirement for all Ion Exchange applications as any particulate matter will be detrimental to the operation and maintenance of the columns. Oil and Grease must also be kept out of the system because ion exchange resins are susceptible to fouling which would require a surfactant wash procedure that may accelerate the chemical aging of the resin.
  • Macro Porous Polymer Extraction (MPPE) Technology is a highly effective, fully automated, remote controlled and guaranteed method for removing dissolved and dispersed hydrocarbons from water with efficiencies of 99.9999% down to below ppb level by means of extraction in an MPP bed. MPPE Technology is a highly effective, fully automated, remote controlled and guaranteed method for removing dissolved and dispersed hydrocarbons from water with efficiencies of 99.9999% down to below ppb level by means of extraction in an MPP bed.

Integrated Systems

  • QuenchFlow™ incorporates proven Veolia technologies, including Veolia’s Autoflot™ induced gas flotation (IGF) and PowerClean® nutshell filters (NSF), in a fully integrated modular system. The contaminated quench water is chemically treated upstream of the Autoflot using an inline dosing system provided by Veolia. It then enters the Autoflot where gas is induced at the bottom of the unit via eductors. The gas bubbles float free oil and suspended solids to the gas/liquid section of the unit, where it forms a froth that is skimmed and removed. Autoflot effluent then passes through a 2-stage nutshell filtration process. Three PowerClean nutshell filters are provided to operate in a lead-lag configuration with the third in cleaning/standby mode. The walnut shell media retains more oil than other media types and requires no chemicals or gas scour for media cleaning. The PowerClean uses a patented fluidized cleaning process that effectively strips solids and oil from the media with very little backwash water and no surfactants. Feed water or filtered water can be used for backwashing, after which it is recycled to the system inlet.
  • ShaleFlow is a cost-effective transportable solution for reuse of produced water and flow back water from hydraulic fracturing operations. This compact, modular system utilizes proven technologies designed to enable reuse with the flexibility to be moved as the field is developed.

Whittier Aftermarket Products & Spare Parts

All Veolia parts and leaves are designed, engineered and manufactured to your equipment’s specifications, ensuring top performance and long-term operation. Our service team is unparalleled in its responsiveness in meeting your needs for spare parts and service on any of you Whittier® filtration equipment.

Javelina F&S’ is also a filtration representative company that creates value through the expertise of our people, our scale of products, logistics network, technology and the support and service we give our clients. Our relationship with top filtration manufacturers and their unparalleled manufacturing facilities and inventory helps ensure a reliable supply of mission critical filter elements and fittings. Whatever your unique filtration application, Javelina F&S has an integrated answer.

Filter Leaves

  • Laser Filter Leaves-Round designed to be leaked proof with a positive and complete seal at the outer periphery of the leaf.
  • T-Bar, T-Channel Leaves for rugged operating conditions. Typical applications include the petroleum, chemical, mining, beer and food industries.
  • Cloth Cover Leaves available in a variety of porosities, materials, and meshes to meet your needs
  • Non-Metallic Leaves as a low cost alternative to exotic metals. These leaves are ideal for caustic chlorine, brine and corn syrup processes.

Spare parts

• Glass-Filled Teflon™
• Bronze
• Carbon Steel

Spray Jets
• Stainless Steel
• Kynar™

Filtration Media
• Sand
• Anthracite
• Garnet
• Nutshell
• Support Gravel

• Door Gaskets
• O-Rings
• Hub Gaskets
• V-Rings

Leaf Guide Rollers
• Glass-Filled Teflon™
• Stainless Steel and Kynar™
• LBO Synthane

Ion Exchange Media
• Cation & Anion
• Mixed Bed
• Chelating

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